By Golly

by Walter Etc.

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released January 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Walter Etc. Portland, Oregon

Hi I'm Walter and this is all my music I've released under different aliases with usually the same friends but sometimes #alone.

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Track Name: Holes
I've got holes in my shoes
I've got holes in my head
And all the things I can't lose
Wind up lost in my bed
And all the nights we spent talking
over bass thumpin stereos
Well I'm leaving tomorrow
Don't touch my thoughts while I'm gone.
Track Name: High All the Dreadlong Day
Rainclouds in Kokomo
I've been high all the dreadlong day
Making my twice baked potatoes
I've been high all the dreadlong day
Too many people to please please forgive me if I'm
I've been high all the dreadlong day
It's harder to walk and even hard to talk
and to get up off the couch means give up.

Well karma is a blatant slut who throws herself at you
I swear it hits your skull like a two by four when your sitting on your stoop
Just when I though I had escaped and I could be sad for a while
Booby trap y hiding place its like
now put your face back on and oh i told you
I've been high all the dreadlong day
I've been high all the dreadlong day
I've been high all the dreadlong day.
Track Name: Shaped Like A Pear
Well Kaitlyn left early this morning making her way back to california and
texting me "i love you"'s more the fourteen hour hall
and my mind it knows she's gone for good and I'll move on fast as I probably should but my body's starting to go through the withdrawls

Cause I rubbed her curves and stroked her hair and
told her she was shaped like a pear and
that was a compliment I thought
But now i hear that means she's fat
well she never got mad so riddle me that
On the long drive home I bet she forgot

And my greatest thoughts came while she was snoring
like "why the fuck did I move to Oregon?"
and "why's it when I'm finally stoked I run?"
And I know to get an answer is rare
but i guess I too am shaped like a pear
Cause I must be a difficult thing to love.
Track Name: By Golly
On top of Old Smokey
With no one I know
Got someone who loves me
On the Central Coast
but suitors behind me
are courting her well
they're surfing my lovely
fall Central Coast swell

Well goodness grace by golly this is not my California
my poor Vans are just too thin and I wear three layers in doors
and in choosing to be lonely, it can get powerful lonesome
my old friends blacked out in Isla Vista
I'm smoking all alone

And I couldn't even tell you what I do these days
just kinda read my book and wake up late
I'm a senior citizen the opposite of insane
ever oh so comfortable
and while Milk sleeps I draw stupid things I'd never show someone
all I am colored in the lines
if you drove up north I'd show you sometime.