Grunts and Groans From Reptar's Belly

by Walter Etc.

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released November 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Walter Etc. Portland, Oregon

Hi I'm Walter and this is all my music I've released under different aliases with usually the same friends but sometimes #alone.

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Track Name: The Weird Portland Blues
I woke up in Portland, it's fucking raining outside
I'm getting kicked down a lot less than Seattle
The people downtown are either weird or depressed
from their glasses, to the way that they dress

I though that maybe the girls would be kinda cute
they talk like babies and they dont look like Californians do
but ladies, I'm just a vagrant like you waiting to die 9 to 5

And we smoked one too many cigarettes on 5th avenue and
we made just enough to go to town on the value menue and
this city's filled with cigarettes and grief and a whole lot of people
and a whole lot of people and
I get the feeling she's not too different from me
I'm just as weird as portland and I'm just as fucking crazy
Track Name: Big Blue Suburban
Four girls on longboards I just melted inside
with dimples like mermaids and grace like the tide
I need a lift it's on a saturday ride but I definitely don't deserve this
smiles and '46 woody I will survive

And it never gets better than PCH
how dare you complain?
When your sitting on a million dollar world with a million dollar girl
taking turns and bites from breakfast burritos from Chronic Taco
and you know I've got a million things on my mind
and I've learned to kill them with 12 on station 5
big blue suburban with our boards in the back
San Onofre sunset
we'll both survive
Track Name: Is This Really How I'm Gunna Die?
Vicodin drones and trembling bones
Is this really how I'm gunna die?
Chemical based smile on my face
Is this really how I'm gunna die?

Little girls sipping on pink lemonade
and little boys catching all the crabs in the bay
I'm just sitting here watching from above
my whole body's numb from prescription drugs

i'm getting old a pill at a time
is this really how I'm gunna die?
Track Name: Steamboat Willy
We've all sailed through storms just like Steamboat Willie
But this time we actually might drown
Without cash in my pockets and girls I think are pretty
There's four things I need before I go down
I'm saying pack a couple bowls for my boys tonight
Give me the chance to kiss my bike goodbye
Give all my records to all my best friends
Tell mom I'm sorry I drove her insane
So wet your lips dear, and sing like the ship's going down
We've been here before and we came out laughing but this time I think we actually might drown.