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Overwhelmed and Underdressed

by Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra

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Booger Storm 01:31
Out of tune these days, the only truth I hear is slang my ceiling is your ground, everythings turned around so now god thinks it's me who doesn't actually exist. I walked my better half to your door, left feeling worse than I had before, the sex was boring, my morning breath came out to say I'm jaded and I've lost my carpe diem. Cause now everything feels so hollow, swordfight my drunken mouth til I fall face down in the furniture. Never believe me, I'm just a dunce, I'm still twenty grand and sixty units from enlightenment. O cellphone, laptop, O dirty dishes what have I become? We're playing chicken with cancer, getting white lies for answers from the trash culture shoved in our face. Now that the internets down we can do something else, turn our angst into products to sell somewhere. I guess thats why we're here. I shouldn't tell you this, this could get dangerous. Now everything feels so hollow, sit in the shower now, drain the hot water and anxiety. I've got this stale feeling, questioning everything, if its all kitschy what does that make me?
101 N 02:06
And I drove all the way home listening to the Gaslight Anthem. And thinking how I can't stop letting people down, I'm surely not as cool as I was back in school. I'm on the 101 falling asleep, I got the letters that you wrote for me. Now here I am under golden arches, car in park, teary eyed, Mcgriddle in hand. My minds a slow device, I like to picture life somewhat like a Rockwell painting, but great expectations just blister the paint. And I just wanna drink chocolate milk with my lovely, I just wanna burn this apartment. And I just wanna float through my life merely dreaming at any given mention of the government. So i drive, heavy eyed, repeating "tramps like us were born to run", but I've got no one to run with. And I'm cold, so i've been told that I should greet the sun and get shit done. I think I'd rather just sleep in. Cause we're all just twenty five words in the obituary section. And everyday is just the passing of time, I think they call this depression. I'm not lonely, just kinda overwhelmed again. Cause I'm living proof you can still sing the blues in 2011.
She said "its weird, i feel like I dont know you anymore. You haven't been home in six months, your barely calling. Maybe it's a strange phase, maybe it's commitment you don't have, the same reasons your at community college." Oh I haven't been this scary since february last year. There were rainbows in the offshore winds and playgrounds in the waves. We said "why do we deserve this?" passing a joint down pch. And O my brain is like a soggy piece of bread, and my jaded pair of lungs they think we're dying of old age. I counted all our blessings like train robbers after the steal. And oh it only left us guessing how long can we milk this deal? So take a long last bite of your desert, soon we'll be sliding down the backside of the bell curve. And all our greatest energies, all our adventures will blur into nostalgic stories. Oh its been this scary since february last year.
Long drive, tongue tied, its weird being home. Lets get breakfast, I'll pack you a bowl. Text threats, old girlfriends, it barely hurts But ghost eyes on old friends is making it worse. Brave the handshake, drag through the small talk It takes guts to be so fake, oh well whatever I'm getting good at losing contact, I can tell by your face Borrowed my best thoughts, stole all my good luck Now I'm in a better place, or am I? Lets just get breakfast, make it all go away.
Dunce 01:53
Kaitlyn's in her bedroom, she's watching movies and packing up for UCLA. I'm just glad I got to be waking up next to you, you'll make a rich man really happy someday. Cause I've got weird values, and radical thoughts about breakthrough, if I told you it'd just scare you, so I gotta act like I'm caught up in the same undertow. Cause I could buy off your stress, and make bank off nonsense, well there's days I wish i really could sink that low. Over the phone its hard to tell you all the shit I've been through, just know our petty lives won't break while they're bending. And my manic patterns show that I'll probably end up all alone, thinking I could make a happy drone but I was stupid young with dreams too far to fall on, add it to my problems, and punch the dry wall. Oh its all getting so ridiculous.
Howl 02:19
I saw the best minds of my generation popsicle Frozen all the same and slowly melting from the adderall And always getting dragged around by gender roles, and zombie pharmaceuticals, the cubicle, the pay. She crossed her heart and clicked her heels, then got her stomach pumped. Before the misdemeanor should've seen her pretty face. And all the good vibrations are only making hollow hedonistic hours til the next giant earthquake. I'm sayin Oh I'm here to tell you that the roofs about to break So we can think of better problems to base our petty lives on, like how to get the gas so we can fill this fucking tank, I'm taking off. I blame my free will, I blame my fate of course I am hardly a man but still dreading my future divore Yes I understand I'm only who I think they think I am, but god it gets confusing with my pendulum moods And all this thinking gets lonely, so i trick myself into love and lie in heaps with my lovely Cause somewhere in the mess I swear it all becomes so meaningless, Bohemians in beamers, every rebel's wearing Vans And if I get too mellow I'll ripen and rot, then grab the city by the neck tie and pull myself back up. I'm sayin Oh I'm here to tell you that the roofs about to break I swear theres nothing I'm truly against, just overwhelmed and underdressed, cause all our gums will bleed regardless of what we believe, I'm taking off.
Reptar Etc. 01:58
Subway and cigarettes, kitchen castles to scrub. This goofy world, stupid drunk girls, I learned to love them all, or maybe I'm just hammered. Drove out to the coastline, just kinda sat there and stared. We flipped the truck, survived on only our dumb luck, i guess thats a good reason to stay careless, everyone is worried. Thats when I lost it, I stopped giving a fuck. The morning sun, my favorite drug, I let it fuck me up. You see the world is just as gorgeous as its a giant disaster, and somewhere back and forth you realize nothing really matters. So listen to me now, before my demons drag me down, I think I get it.
We've all sailed through storms just like Steamboat Willie, but this time we actually might drown. Besides cash in my pockets and girls I think are pretty, there's four things I need before I go down I'm sayin, Pack a couple bowls for my boys tonight, and give me the chance to kiss my bike goodbye, give all my records to all my best friends, and tell mom I'm sorry I drove her insane. So wet your lips dear, and sing like the ships going down. We've been here before and we came out laughing, but this time I think we actually might drown. I've been from private school polos to sweet jail of Canada, and slept on the most random couches and floors. I'm a spoiled yuppie punk and maybe thats not all I'm after, but I've seen things people pay calendars for. I would say piece another heatstick but god I'm just tired. And all my friends say this cartoon's life expired. Some of them ran off chasing corporate grins, and some of them left me for oxycotton. So whats the point dear, to build up what only breaks down. I'm leaving just as mixed up as when I got here. They'll find me in Morro Bay floating face down.


Recorded by Walter Kris and Milk in Walter and Milk's house in portland (Kokomo), the old apartment in San Luis Obispo (the Black Lodge), and Walter's parent's garage, probably Kris's bonus room too, in summer and fall 2011.


released November 20, 2011


all rights reserved



Walter Etc. Ventura, California

The story of Walter being written through a bunch of albums....

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