Split w/ Diners

by Walter Etc.

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This was a split release with Diners! To hear diner's side, go here - laurenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/split


released May 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Walter Etc. Portland, Oregon

Hi I'm Walter and this is all my music I've released under different aliases with usually the same friends but sometimes #alone.

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Track Name: Night Swim
I know we're all good people trying to make the most of our fleeting days
Nothing is sacred, just stressed, and it manifests in awfully deceiving ways
That doesn't make you a liar though, my bad, quite the opposite
I was thinking maybe we could trying it out
It won't hurt anything...
Let me lick your wounds
I formally invite you to my aquatic cathartic pass time
in the deep end of my fragile little brain
Fall in, don't let it drain you of passion though
Towards the lonesome lives of quiet desperation
I don't know what going through the motions will solve
but giving up is a fatal mistake
you're swimming around like a jaded seahorse
like you don't believe in an infinite resource
but you don't run out of love
you don't just wither away
I bet from the microscope lens above
we probably look like angels at play
So in the scribbles of time just try to find the clean line and ride it out
just ride it out
I've twiddled the thumbs of my life and I dont regret a thing yet
Track Name: No One Hits Me Up Anymore
Ever since my greatest melt down of all, no one hits me up anymore
I put in my favor and I participated
Now the whole world can ignore me while I
Hang out with my betta fish or catch up on my literature
Entertain the voice in my head
Recite him verbatim, getting back into kratom
You know, I'm never bored...

But no I won't get out of bed
I'm pacified and dull
No, why won't you come in instead?
I'll worship and draw flowers on you

She slipped me a note, said "there's better ways to cope"
I covered the crack under my door
Like mermaids in the early morning, sometimes you gotta stay in your own bay
I heard your both getting married
I heard your baby was due by the end of July
I should fly down and care
I may or may not be there...
Track Name: Every Lousy Paradise
I’m just no fun anymore, I’m confused
And I whistle like my grandpa being shipped off to world war 2
like I’m always dreaming ‘stead of doing what I oughta do
I’ve got a button cute dolly and a record player to come home to

I’m not a man on a mission, a man of strong conviction
I don’t believe I’m fishing for a cure for my condition
I love my laugh but my luck won’t last very long
and all our plans won’t go how we want them to
but if you stick with me, I’ll stick with you
through every lousy paradise
from my dangerous lows to my almighty highs
until we’re both middle aged and hate our lives…

I will come to your door and I will sing your kids to sleep
and we will sit on your porch smoking a half a pack digging up the secrets we keep far below me
Are you still lonely?
Do you still feel the Void creeping in the cracks of broken dreams dead inside you? Like I do…

You know, I would be nothing without you
Because I would be nothing without you
You know, I would be nothing without you
Because I would be nothing without you